About MBCS

To develop, meet, and/or enhance our clients’ entertainment, marketing, branding and market research initiatives.

Utilizing 20+ years of skill and experience in entertainment and project management yielding results in meeting clients’ fiscal goals and objectives.

Our staff carries a wide range of professions spanning across several verticals including partnering with several resources: transportation, security, hospitality, research, marketing, branding.



We are committed to a collaborative work environment with high standards, strong work ethic, transparency and long-term partnership with our clients and vendors.


MBCS values our clients, shareholders and our community. We are committed to generating long-term values with honesty, relationship building and leadership.  Our values are the peak of our organization.


MBCS is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to meeting and exceeding client needs by producing work that is open to diversity of thought and skillset guaranteeing results that are both quality and timely.


Work/Life balance is critical to our organization. We value our families and time needed for both our men and women at MBCS.


MBCS has proven success in the initiative of managing projects as well as being accountable for meeting client’s needs. Experiences are broad, in research and development in various market and industries and cultures.  Our team acclimates well and experts in problem solving, collaborating creatively and analytically.

MBCS are focus-driven professionals of a diverse background with 20+ years of proven success in large/small scale event management and event coordination. (indoor and outdoor).  We are experts in identifying several needs of artists, clients, audiences, attendees, and promoters/stakeholders alike.

We are exceptional in producing well-organized, timely, and structured events to ensure critical details are met to include leading and managing various teams, we contribute to promotions,  developing artists, managing contract negotiations, account/project management and networking.

Our work has assisted in securing contracts and successful in helping our entertainment partners and clients yield results of an increase in attendees, create revenue generators, and branding of their companies and/or events.

We excel in managing social media flow, strategizing targets, and managing marketing communication aligning with the event/stakeholder focus.


“MBCS takes a no holds barred approach in taking on various industries and sectors!”

We are bold, we are honest and forthcoming with our knowledge and experiences.

We use our proven processes, systems, and techniques to meet the needs of our clients.

MBCS has provided a wide range of re-branding services in several verticals to include: healthcare, welding and fabrication, power and electric, city government,  and entertainment.

We take a unique approach to market research, operational support, and branding.

We take pride in creating a full network of experts to meet the needs of our clients.